Folkart textile from a small village in Belarus – BBC Sport

Folkart textile from a small village in Belarus – BBC Sport

Belarusian folk art textile from the small village of Belzepo in the Urals, Belarus, has a unique look and feel to it.

Its made from cotton, silk, linen and wool with a decorative motif in the shape of a tree. 

The textile was woven by women of a small rural village, known as Kuzma, in Belarus.

It is called a folkart textile because it is made from natural materials.

The village is known for its textile crafts, such as making baskets from the dried leaves of the cherry trees. 

Its made of a mixture of natural and artificial fibres and the colours and patterns are often unique.

The textile is made up of natural fibers and natural colours, making it a very unique piece of art. 

Belarusian folk artists have been making folk art for more than a thousand years.

The textile has been used for centuries as a symbol of Belarusian culture and identity.

The village’s textile is one of the few that has survived the ravages of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. 

(AP: Vladimir Shpigel)


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