When the war on drugs ends, the Venezuelan people will benefit, Maduro says

When the war on drugs ends, the Venezuelan people will benefit, Maduro says

Venezuela’s embattled leader has said the drug war has led to a loss of hope in Venezuela’s future.

Venezuela’s embattled president has said in a speech to the nation that the war has been “a catastrophe” and said the country’s people “are the ones who are suffering.”

Maduro said the war is “the result of the failed policies of the past three years.”

“What has happened to Venezuela is nothing but the failure of the country to build its future, to develop its economy and to build a society,” Maduro said.

“It’s a disaster.”

In his speech, Maduro also expressed optimism about his country’s prospects.

“It’s possible to see, in the end, that we are on the path toward a better future,” he said.

Madurists administration has taken steps to stem the tide of cocaine trafficking.

The Venezuelan government has announced that it will begin seizing cocaine shipments and importing them to the country.

Maduro has also said he will allow police to arrest suspected coca dealers and will open up the countrys markets for cocaine.

Maduro has made similar comments in the past, and he is expected to repeat his comments Tuesday.


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