When you need to keep your home cool, textiles are the way to go

When you need to keep your home cool, textiles are the way to go

A few years ago, a textile-maker in St. Petersburg, Russia, got its start by building custom garments from the scraps left over from a factory floor.

Now, they are making clothes for the fashion-conscious masses.

Textiles are a way to keep things warm in the winter, and they are also popular in a variety of applications.

One of them is used in insulation and building materials for insulation, where they are widely used to create a waterproof material.

But a number of other textiles can be used for more basic home repairs.

Some can be found in the clothing department of major clothing stores and even in the kitchen, where you can get the most basic fabric.

A couple of years ago a couple of young designers from St.

Petersburg got together and made a garment out of the scraps they gathered.

The garment they called The Sweater was called a “fabric that is soft and lightweight.”

The company, called Fabric, is now a part of the St. Petersburg-based design studio Klimt, which also makes a line of apparel for women.

The textiles they used are made from scraps from a large number of sewing machines.

The company sells the garments online, and the sweaters they sell for about $25 each, which is a lot cheaper than most people would be able to afford.

The fabric was actually made by two young designers in St Petersburg who wanted to make a textile from scraps of the old factory floor, according to their website.

“When we decided to make our own textiles from scrap, we decided that the only way to have a real textile that is not made of recycled materials is to build it from the materials that are left behind when the factory is destroyed,” says founder and founder of Fabric Andrei Yuriyev.

He says that the fabric is very light, and that it is a good way to cool a home in the summertime.

“We use cotton yarns, so the material is really lightweight, and it’s also soft and durable.

We have a great quality of the fabric, and we also use some recycled fabrics, but these are not the real fabrics,” he adds.

Some of the items they have made include a sweater, which can be made from the fibers of a bamboo tree, a hat with a fabric from a cow’s head, a sweater made from a straw, a shirt from a piece of cloth that has been washed and washed and now looks like it’s made of paper, and a sweater from a pile of clothes that has no fabric at all.

Yuriyov says that they made about 1,500 sweaters.

He estimates that they will sell 100,000 sweaters per year.

The sweater was made in the spring of 2015.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Yurysv said that the company has already sold about 100,00 sweaters, and he expects that the number will increase as more people start using the sweater.

He says that there is a market for the garments.

The fabric is being used in a lot of products that people want to make, such as kitchen accessories, so it has become very popular.

The designers are hoping to expand their business to other markets in the future.

But some designers, including Yurisyev, have been criticized by the Russian government for their business practices.

In February, the St Petersburg city council voted to ban Fabric from selling its products in the city, saying that it violated the state’s laws against corruption.

Yurishvs clothing is still sold in St Petersburg.

The company is not alone in its attempts to create textiles out of scraps, though.

The Japanese clothing manufacturer Tashiro is also making clothes out of scrap from industrial machinery.

The clothes that Tashira produces have become so popular that they have even been imported to other countries.

The clothing industry is not the only industry where the textiles that designers make are being used.

In June, the German government decided to ban the sale of textiles made from textiles of non-organic waste, which has been a problem in the country since at least the 1950s.


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